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One Hour of Sports in a Week Lighten Depression Symptoms

The latest research shows that one hour of exercise a week is enough relieve symptoms of depression. Depression is not just about feeling stressed or sad but feeling unhappy and hopeless. Usually this condition is followed by clinical symptoms such as no appetite, insomnia, or headaches.

One Hour of Sports in a Week Lighten Depression Symptoms Reported from the NY Post, this study involved 33,000 adult respondents and found 12% of cases of depression can be prevented by exercise. However, those who never exercised the risk of depression rose to 44%. However, this study found no sports impact on decreased levels of anxiety.

The researchers monitored exercise and depression levels of depression and anxiety on the respondents for 11 years. The benefits of exercise can be realized within the first hour. “This finding is interesting because it shows the sport is relatively short, starting one hour per week, but may provide protection against depression,” said study leader Samuel Harvey, from Australia’s Black Dog Institute.

Semantara exercise undertaken were diverse and not heavy. From the street relaxing, jogging or doing high-end work at home intervals that do not take a long time.In terms of these findings, exercise is included in individual mental health plans and public health campaigns. If we find ways to increase physical activity the population, even in small quantities, will bring great physical and mental health benefits,” he said.

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