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Male’s chauvinism and their ego don’t permit women to enter politics

It is impossible for men to bear the managerial and superior role of women as admitted by the contributors in the voters’ group in Lahore. Women are required to do work hard more than men but response in this regard is zero commented by one participant. Good performance and responsiveness is always appreciated in politics. Narrow conception of men regarding qualities and capabilities of women is a main problem towards women’s progress and development.

A male, does not grant the same status to female even if she is well qualified and capable and fit for the job. A few women are also engaged in leg pulling but males try to create such atmosphere which hampers a woman’s progress. The macho male inside his self emerges when he realizes that a woman, who entered politics after him, is “threatening” to take the lead. Woman being mother can participate successfully in the ground of education, health and social welfare.

The present study originates that it is the general perception among the male’s society that women are more appropriated to contribute in the fields of health and education rather than politics. The body structure of females and sentimental placement make them unfit in the field of politics. Being emotionally sensitive, women can be tender and more contributing in the domain of welfare and education in the form of teachers and advisers. Participants are of view that woman can talk without restraint to female on sensitive issues like as health and contraception because she has approach to go inside the house and talk to woman for counseling.

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