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Working women’s satisfaction and desires

Money plays a significant role in the life of a man so he works for earning in accordance with his need and satisfaction (Smith 1964). On the other side, lack of his ability to satisfy needs may cause a result of frustration and detesting for the job while a satisfied person produces more with passion and loyalty. So satisfaction stands for extinguishing of the wishes, desires and requirements of respondents from their jobs.The socio cultural and economic issues determine the nature of women’s productivity in the labour market. Due to lack of supportive facilities, gender biased and social and cultural restrictions, the professional options for women are limited.

Therefore, women’s labor power is known lesser because of owner’s prearranged concept of women’s primary role as homemakers and that force women to look for jobs in the secondary sector of labor market where they are low paid with low status. The women, who financially active in rural areas work on their own family farms. The majority of women residing in urban culture have to work in low-paying jobs. The government of Pakistan decided to encourage women’s employment by enhancing more opportunities for them in plan 1998-2003.

In accordance with the decision the following program had been launched training, education, skilled development of women, promotion of female labor based industries, as such ready-made garments, electronics, pharmaceutical etc. It is very difficult for working women to support their families in slight pay given by the employer. This crucial circumstance leads to dissatisfaction from the occupations and working women always struggle for better and well paid jobs. Anyhow, the picture is not so simple and there are different issues that involve in their output. The following part explains the degree of satisfaction of working women in Pakistan with their present.

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