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Social Status of Women in Pakistan

No doubt, inconsistency and disparity in terms of social status, economic development, rural-urban divide, etc. are the part of Pakistan. There are so many problems faced by the women in Pakistan as such Legal system, violence of religion and religious extremism. The plight and predicament for women are interpreted differently. Anyhow, all Pakistani women suffer in different ways, Institutional and individual aggression are identified as practically dilemma for them in accordance with United Nation report(UN,2011:13). The element of tribal set up in men heading is caused the whole disregard for women in Pakistan. It is a fact that the trend of male dominance is caused violence to the other gender. The vision of women is inferior to be reined in by men for the better or, in the majority of cases, for the worse. The women cannot lift up their voice against violent behavior through men who are their relatives like as father, brother, and husband (after marriage) and they are physically under their control.(Ibrahim,2005:2) However, the true conception is that there is no role of daughter in the family(the basic unit of society) and she can neither be a “provider” nor a “protector” upshot in discrimination and violence.

On the other hand Islam says that the basic area for securing women’ right is the family. Among the essential aims of the Islamic legal system are Marriage and parenthood (maqasid al-shari’a).Jurists consider marriage and the formation of a family closer to the essence of religion which is “worshiping God”(Ibada), than to a human worldly dealing (muamala) (Osman 1990:4). Besides from family, the feudal system prevailed over the society is also based of ruthless opposition towards women. The famous maxim of such structure “Zan, Zar, Zameen”(woman, money and land) as the source of all evil, does reflect sheer disregard for women and also their commodity. In case of any undesirable behavior on the part of men, such language is used as a tool to put blame on the women (Ali and Gavino 2008:202). According to (Ali,2001:8) the majority of Pakistani women are daily victimized of violence , or the threat of violence at home, in the fields, or in the street. To protection the family honour through control over female members, specifically controlling the female body in terms of both its sexuality and its reproductive ability is delegated by men.

If behavior of any woman is observed to threaten in Pakistan, she is punished with beating, burning and even murder in the name of honour (Noor, 2004:15) Pakistani women do face isolation and elimination due to socio-cultural norms based on patriarchy which ultimately denies access to benefits of development. One of the main factors which restrain the empowerment and sovereignty of women in Pakistan is the male conception of the role of women (Isran and Isran 2012: 835 and 848). There are many forms of social evils from which women have to face often in the shape of religion and sometimes as part of custom.

The fact can also be identified in terms of gender violence met out to women in form of honour killing, child marriage, bride burning, forced marriage and acid attacks etc (Critelli, 2010:140) The National Commission in its Annual Report on the Status of women, and Amnesty International, 2012 shows a comprehensive profile of various indicators for the unspeakable situation of women in Pakistan. In this report it has been narrated that according to Aurat Foundation documents 8539 cases of violence against women including 1575 murders, 827 rapes, 610 incidents of domestic violence, 705 honour killings and 44 acid attacks (Bhattacharya,2013)

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