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Position of working women in the society

It is a fact that a widow or a divorced woman must go back her lives to be a part of male subjugated social system. This is a man who can give protection to woman either in rural area or in an urban home. All the above discussion expresses that it is not only a single head of the family but also the entire male subjugated society treated women as a slaves in Pakistan. No woman, who can live in a city with her own independent career that is a powerful issue of control over the women.

Two-fold division can be identified in the case of lower middle class families, one is about the families whose females are educated and have a respectable service in a government sector where the other hand there are more conventional families whose women are not well educated and have not a respectable jobs. In these latter cases, women elevate the economy of the family by taking in home-based work under a putting out system generated by the business men who are only moreover happy to develop this tremendously shameful source of labour.

The continuous inflation in the cost of living in Pakistan over the decades has brought dangerous position where it is the most difficult for a man to keep the family insufficient wages. Owing to the continuous pressure of inflation, it is a need to increase family economy. Gradually and steadily, more and more women are compelled to seek jobs for enhancing their opinion that working women are not respected in Pakistani society and only 3% of the respondents did not give their opinion.

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